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Girls on the Run is a 501(c)3 positive youth development program which combines an interactive curriculum with running to inspire self-respect and healthy lifestyles in pre-teen girls. The core curriculum addresses many aspects of girls’ development - such as their physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. This empowerment helps young girls in so many ways at a critical point in their development. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. At the end of the 10-week program, GOTR participants have been found to have: higher self-esteem, improved eating habits, improved body image, and a positive attitude towards physical activity.


We serve over 1,000 girls yearly and are growing!  With approximately 50% of our girls on full or partial scholarship, we need your help in making sure every girl that desires to participate in the program has the opportunity.  Please consider making a donation to allow for further expansion of our programming and scholarships for girls in need of financial assistance.

  • $35-    You can help get a girl to that finish line, buy her a new pair of  running shoes for a girl 

  • $50 -   You can help fuel a team of girls, buy healthy snacks at each practice of the season

  • $100 - You can help buy program shirts so a team looks GOOD (team of 15)

  • $150 - You can provide a girl with a life changing program, registration for one girl

  • $300 - You can provide TWO girls with a life changing program, registrations for two girls

  • $525 - You can get a WHOLE team of girls to the finish line, buy running shoes (team of 15)

    GREAT GIFT IDEA--Print out Official Donation Gift Card to give to some special in your life.

Ways to Give:

Mail Check Payable to:

Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee

5800 N. Bayshore Dr., Ste. A226

Glendale, WI 53217

Donate Online:

Donate to GOTR

Your Support of Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee allows for moments like this:

"The 5k spectators start chanting . . . Brianna, Brianna, Brianna.  Brianna, the last GOTR participant coming toward the finish line of the 5k , who has the GOTR Wondergirls all around her, says excitedly, "How do they know my name?".  Her pace starts to increase, her smile gets bigger and all the Wondergirls around her continue to nudge her forward.  Brianna crosses that finish line and has inspired all those spectators chanting her name as well as had completed her goal of finishing a 5k.

We serve over 1000 girls yearly and we are growing!  Please consider making a donation to allow for further expansion of our programming and scholarship for girls in need of financial assistance.



:YOU CAN DONATE In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations help us provide a better experience to program participants, more effectively operate the organization, and enhance our 5K races. 

Items on our wish list can be purchased directly from Amazon, or similar in-kind items can be purchased through alternative online or in-store means. Items on our wish list.

 Amazon wish list

To arrange delivery of in-kind donations not purchased through Amazon, contact Tina Jones, Executive Director, at [email protected].

YOU Can Sponsor

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Community support is critical to our success. Well over 50% of our girls are either on full or partial scholarship to participate in our program. Financial assistance from businesses and individuals ensures that all girls are able to participate in this transformational program regardless of their ability to pay the program fee. And, our 5K race sponsors help us offset the costs of our season-culminating event, giving each girl the opportunity to reach the finish line of the program.