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Q&A; with a GOTR coach and (my) mom

Posted 2/10/2015 | News

By LeighAnn Jandrists

There are two groups of people that make Girls on the Run possible: our coaches and the parents that have faith in our program. They help keep our program running and we cannot thank them enough. And sometimes, these roles intersect.

I interviewed Ann to get her view on what GOTR can offer and what’s great about being a coach. Ann was one of my coaches during my time in GOTR; she was always energetic, fun and a great teacher. She’s also a mother to a former GOTR participant – me!

LeighAnn: For how long and when were you a coach?

Ann: About three years, from 2007-2010.

L: Why did you decide to coach?

A: I was asked to help out and since my daughter had been in it, I thought it would be a good fit.

L: What did you like the most about coaching?

A: I liked connecting with the girls and seeing how they had grown since 1st grade (Ann taught first grade at the school). I liked seeing their confidence grow throughout the program.

L: What made you enroll your daughter in the program?

A: It was a way for her to connect with classmates in a different setting.

L: What did you like about the program?

A: It allowed the girls to challenge themselves physically and mentally. It helped them see things in a different light by hearing other's opinions and allowing them to understand their viewpoints.

L: Is there anything about the program that you think could be improved?

Perhaps having "graduates" of the program participate in a session.

L: Do you think the program taught important lessons? If so, what do you think were some of the more important ones?

A: Absolutely! GOTR taught teamwork, healthy relationships and healthy eating.

L: Would you recommend the program? Why?

A: Absolutely!!! It's a great way for girls to explore situations that they may have questions about in a safe environment.

So there it is, a testimony from a woman who was on both the outside and inside of the program. It is important that our parents continue to believe in our program and see the positive impact it can have on their daughter. Tell us in the comments what you love about the program!

Coaches are gearing up for the spring 2015 season – register your girl today!

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