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A Spirit of Giving Back: Volunteer Spotlight with Jennifer Hannis, Coach - Edgewood

Posted 12/15/2014 | News

By Amy Fallucca

This month we’re highlighting Jennifer Hannis. Jennifer has been a GOTR coach for several years, most recently at Edgewood Elementary. For her recent wedding, she requested donations to GOTR in lieu of gifts! We were so impressed with this demonstration of generosity and selflessness. Thank you, Jennifer!

Amy: Jennifer, tell us a little about you!

Jennifer: I am a Reading Specialist at Edgewood Elementary in Greenfield and love teaching kids to read! I love to stay active through running with friends and practicing yoga. I also enjoy reading, cooking and watching baseball.

A: Why did you decide to ask for donations to GOTR rather than gifts for your wedding?

J: When we began planning our wedding, Doug and I decided that we did not need gifts for ourselves. We really have everything we need! So, we listed 3 organizations that are important to us on our gift “registry” and asked people to consider donating to one of the organizations instead of giving us a gift.

A: How did your wedding guests respond to the donation request? Were they surprised?

J: We got many donations in lieu of gifts and of the three organizations; the most donations were made to GOTR. I don’t think people were particularly surprised by the request for donations.

A: How did you first get involved with GOTR?

J: I was an assistant coach several years ago when Milwaukee had just a few GOTR teams. Then, 3 years ago my principal asked if I would be willing to help start a team at our school, so we have had a fall season 3 years in a row now.

A: What do you like most about GOTR?

J: I love working with girls of this age and seeing them develop a stronger sense of self. I like that the program addresses issues that girls and women face about self-esteem, confidence and emotions. My favorite part, though, is hearing the girls talk about how proud they feel of their accomplishment of running the 5K and seeing their smiling faces as they cross the finish line!

If Jennifer’s story has inspired you this holiday season to give back to Girls on the Run, check out our GIVING CAMPAIGN – RAISING MONEY FOR RUNNING SHOES. We are one of the few Girls on the Run chapters that provide a free pair of running shoes to all girls who need them and $15,000 will cover 300 pair of shoes. That $50/pair covers the costs associated with ordering, inventorying and coordinating fittings for the girls who will receive them. Happy Holidays from Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee!

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